Kelly Slater Surfing For USA

After much consternation, Kelly Slater has accepted an invitation to represent his country in an Olympic surfing prelude next month. A difficult decision as the World Surf League has a major event at Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o which runs from August 21-September 1, then the ISA World Games runs in Miyazaki, Japan from September 7-15, and then the Freshwater Pro will run September 19-21 in a ‘wave pool’ at Lemoore, CA.

Kelly Slater Statue

Statue Of Kelly Slater in Cocoa Beach, FL

Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin, Carissa Moore, Courtney Conlogue, and Brevard Counties Caroline Marks (pictured below) round out TEAM USA.

florida pro wsl qs 2019 (226)

WSL CT Caroline Marks

The competition will be fierce, their endurance and physio will be paramount to success.

Due to this strong schedule, QS competitors will be absent from many of the local events that dot the globe. One of particular note is the National Kidney Foundation’s 34th Annual 2019 NKF Rich Salick Pro-Am Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach, Florida. A regular contestant and Champion will be absent from this year’s event. Costa Rica’s Jair Perez Quiros will be competing for his country and has to train and prepare for this Olympic lead-up.

NKF Saturday SM (18)

Jair Perez Quiros – Costa Rica

NKF Sunday SM (107)

Costa Rica’s Perez Quiros Shredding Up Cocoa Beach

This main event is being held in Miyazaki, Japan September 7th – 15th. Coverage of this event will be posted here when confirmed.  Perhaps a final will include Quiros and Slater and of course Caroline Marks on the Women’s side!

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