GET YOUR MOTOR REVVING – 10th Annual Thunder On Cocoa Beach

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On May 19th, 2019 the world’s fastest offshore racing boats will speed OVER, IN, AND THROUGH the Atlantic Ocean at ‘world famous’ Cocoa Beach, round sharp turns, and thrill thousands of spectators lining the beach, viewing from hotels, condos, apartments, and hundreds loading the 800-foot  Cocoa Beach Pier.  Cocoa Beach was ground zero for the Gemini space program and its famous astronauts from 1961-1966 and Lori Wilson Park’s ‘I Dream Of Jeannie Lane’ is right there! You know, Dr. Bellows, Captain Nelson, Major Healey and of course Jeannie, Gordon Cooper, Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Walter M. Schirra, Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman, Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jim Lovell, James McDivitt, Thomas P. Stafford, Ed White, John Young, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Eugene Cernan, Michael Collins, Richard F. Gordon, and David Scott.

SuperBoat (18)

You Are This Close

With the addition of several more international teams, and an updated SuperStock concept, this year’s competition will be intense, the fans will see spectacular racing, the waters off of Cocoa Beach can create extreme conditions for the drivers, throttle men, and the boats. Get your cameras ready you won’t be disappointed!

One of the more exciting changes is in the ‘SuperStock’ class that pits team against team in a singularly designed and equipped vessel. All will have the same carbon-hulled Panther Race Boat with Mercury’s all-new 300R-V8 4 Stroke outboard motors with Mercury Propellers. These high tech boats, according to Powerboat P1 SuperStock, will be equipped with digital throttles and shifting, will withstand a much higher G-Force and safety is front and center with a new 6-point harness and a life-saving full SCUBA system. Pictured below is a variant from 2018 Thunder On Cocoa Beach, the S-111 Reliable Services Group, LLC.

Juice N Java (4)

Below is the 2018 Unlimited Class entrant Zaborowski 91 of Zabo Racing as viewed from the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Race Day SM (92).jpg

The Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix under the expert directorship of Kerry Bartlett and his team is the season’s kick-off event for the APBA Offshore Championship Series. Mr. Bartlett and his team work countless hours coordinating this event. Hundreds of volunteers help to pull this off. Fan VIP viewing areas, for a charge, are located at Lori Wilson Park and Coconuts On the Beach. Crowds are expected to be quite large so it’s recommended to get there early for parking. Parking prices will be at a premium, perhaps up to $20 plus special access charges to hop up on the pier. If you need cash, several banks are only a few yards off the beach: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, to name a few.  Click on this link  Space Coast Area Transit for the Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral Sunday bus schedule and scroll down below for Sunday’s pickup and drop off locations along A1A. The first race is scheduled to start at 10 am with the main event following at 2 pm. All times are EDT.

Powerboat P1 Superstock and the Offshore Powerboat Association have joined forces, replacing Superboat International, and are the race sanctioning organizations for this year’s event. A new course direction has been plotted, clockwise, and a revised Turn #1 at Coconuts On The Beach, for this new racing series.

Excerpt From PowerboatP1 and OPA Media Kit: ‘In 2017 it was estimated that the race brought in nearly $2 Million to the Space Coast with an attendance of 100,000. Newly appointed Executive Director of the Space Coast Office of Tourism, Peter Cranis, added “We are so excited to welcome back the Super Boat Grand Prix, known as Thunder on Cocoa Beach. This year they are stepping up their game in hopes to grow the event even more with nationally televised coverage on CBS Sports Network. This spells good news for the economy and great exposure for the Space Coast.”’

‘The official charity partner for Thunder on Cocoa Beach is “Freedom Fighter” who will receive a portion of all VIP ticket and merchandise sales. This partnership is led by Jenny Pruett, a local business owner & wife of racer and Director Kevin Pruett.

I Am Freedom Fighter

The Freedom Fighter organization supports activities that focus on the abolishment of human trafficking locally and throughout the world. “We certainly have heard a lot in the news lately on human trafficking and Central Florida is a big area for it. We wanted a charity partner that was going to make an impact locally and also one that would provide volunteer support for the event,” said Race Chairman Kerry Bartlett.’  Facebook Link

“While you are watching the race, it’s nice to be able to tell who’s winning the race. Sometimes that can be difficult as several classes of boats race at the same time. They may not be racing against each other, yet they may appear to be if you’re not paying attention. Each class runs ONLY against the ones running within their class.”  The following chart will help you keep track of the classes and compare to the Race Schedule below.

Race Classes

Race Classes

Race Start Schedule

  • 10:00
    • Open Cockpit – Bracket Classes
  • 11:30
    • Superstock
    • Super Vee Xtreme
    • ProStock V
  • 12:30
    • Super Cat
  • 14:00
    • ClassOneInternational
    • Super Vee Xtreme

*All Times EDT. Schedules subject to change up to race day.


Be sure to catch the street party in Cocoa Beach at A1A and Minuteman Causeway Friday evening, 6pm to 10pm, to talk with teams and get up close and personal with these magnificent watercraft. The dry and wet pits will be at The Cove in Port Canaveral, it’s an enjoyable time just strolling around to look at the boats and watch the teams in pre-race preparation. A must see! Oh, be sure to check out the Kick Off Party at Juice ‘N Java Cafe on Thursday evening 6pm – 10pm, too. Click on this link for the full schedule Events.



Plan your Saturday to be full of adventure from The Cove at Port Canaveral (photos below) and to view Saturday’s practice runs from the Pier. You will be blown away by this, don’t miss it!



My fingers are crossed that the Geico Skytypers will make an appearance………

Geico Sky Typer and Racing Boat (3)

The Official Thunder On Cocoa Beach T-Shirt has been revealed. Nice to see a change from white to blue.  Commemorative 10-Year Anniversary T-Shirt Designed by Guy Harvey.


The following bus map shows multiple stops parallel to the race course, pick your parking spot and locate your preferred viewing area. Watching this event is Free, yet there are several VIP viewing areas, for a charge, with tickets selling fast.

Transit Map

If you have a boat you can position outside the race course and enjoy the race from there. The Coast Guard, Brevard County Sheriff, Volunteers, and race officials will be nearby to maintain a safe anchor position. This can be challenging in rough surf so make sure you are not impaired and have proper flotation devices and communication gear onboard.

Enjoy Cocoa Beach and this year’s race.

RESULTS: 2019 Thunder on Cocoa Beach


1st – Miss GEICO


2nd – Victory

3rd – 222 Offshore

4th – SilverHook

5th – Zabo


1st – Pro-Floors


2nd – M-Con

3rd – Performance Boat Center

4th – WHM

5th – AMH Motorsports

6th – Grandel – CJ Grant Racing


1st – Knucklehead Instigator


2nd – Hurricane of Awesomeness/JRA


1st – Shadow Pirate


2nd – Performance Boat Center

3rd – FJ Propeller

4th – Team Allen Lawncare

5th – Paint Factory

6th – CR Racing

7th – Reliable Services

8th – Killer Bee

9th – Mancine Cosmetics

10th – WIA / Wide Open

11th – Jackhammer


1st – Boatfloater


2nd – Sheriff Lobo

3rd – Sun Print

4th – JRA Boat Saales

5th – Marker 17


1st – Fastboys

2nd – LSB Racing / Hurricane of Awesomeness

3rd – Play It Again

4th – Done Deal / JRC Transport


5th – Octane

6th – North Myrtle Beach RV Resort

7th – R&S Racing

8th – Typhoon

9th – Show Time

10th – Phase 5

P1 SuperStock

1st – Porta Products

2nd – St Pete Clearwater


Class 2

1st – Bull On the Beach

Thunder On Cocoa Beach 2019 Saturday (221)

Class 3

1st – Strictly BUsiness

Class 4

1st – Simmons Marine

2nd – Team Raven

3rd – Team Wood

4th – The Dollhouse


Class 5

1st – JT’s Social / Bronx Phantom


2nd – Two Cruel

3rd – Disabled American Veterans

4th – Specialized Racing

5th – Big Dreams Racing

Class 6

1st – Rum Runner

2nd – Throttle Therapy

3rd – Yabba Dabba Do


4th – Deception Offshore

5th – Hammerheads

6th – Boom Shaka Laka

7th – Reindl Powerboats

Written By: Scott Murray

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