How Does Your Organization Score


(Comment with answers and we’ll send your score)

1. To remain competitive in sales and service you must:

a. Target your markets differently.
b. Work harder than ever before.
c. Retrain in your core competencies.

2. To stand out from the crowd, salespeople should:

a. Stay in touch with customers on a regular basis.
b. Help customers make better decisions.
c. Offer more products and services than your competitors.

3. A salesperson should be adept at:

a. Creative thinking,
b. Global awareness.
c. Closing the deal.

4. Because they have more choices of price and service level, customers typically base their selections on:

a. Perceived value.
b. Personal relationships.
c. Loyalty to a service organization.

5. Since there is no such thing as one size fits all in the delivery of service, salespeople must give service by:

a. Accommodating one customer base at a time.
b. Taking surveys of current customers to be sure you are competitive.
c. Tailoring to a niche market.

6. An important aspect of sales and service that affects long-term growth is:

a. Customer retention.
b. Customer satisfaction.
c. Emerging product or service offerings.

7. When deciding which new customers to try to attract, keep in mind:

a. The reality of whether they need your product or service.
b. The cost of attaining them.
c. Whether they have potential to be loyal.

8. To meet customer requirements to give them what they want, companies should:

a. Have local offices operating like franchises.
b. Create a task force to serve as liaison between the company and the customer.
c. Track sales and service quality to assess customer satisfaction.

9. To enhance the committed, accountable local staff, management should:

a. Give them training.
b. Offer them a career path.
c. Ask their opinions.

10. A company’s competitive advantage depends on how effective it is:

a. In hiring reputable sales and service professionals.
b. In always being market driven.
c. In maintaining customer loyalty.

Comment with answers and we’ll send your score.

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