Race Day Update: Thunder On Cocoa Beach

Super Boat International and Space Coast Super Boat present “Thunder On Cocoa Beach”. Race photo’s by Scott Murray of Biz 360 Tours and Space News 360

Today is race day on Cocoa Beach. Offshore racing boats with up to 3,200 HP powerplants thundering these boat at speeds over 100 MPH. The first race is at 12:00 PM EDT and the Main Event is at 2:00 PM EDT. There are many viewing areas, approximately 3 miles of beach line to view from, including the Cocoa Beach Pier, Mambo’s Grill at the International Palms Resort and many others.

One of the fan favorites Miss Geico has not entered this event due to other race commitments. geicoboat-2

Some photo’s from Saturdays Wet Pits and Practice Runs.

Enjoy the racing and be sure to hydrate and protect from too much sun! 

Conditions For Today's Race
Waves 1.75'
Swell 2' 5 seconds
Winde ESE at 12 (race time)
Tide will be incoming mid-point at 2pm.
Temperature 83 Deg
Mostly Sunny
Rain will not be a factor in today's race.
Superboat Unlimited
Superboat Extreme
Superboat Vee
Superboat Stock
Manufacturer Production P3
Manufacturer Production P4

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