Public Viewing Map SpaceX LC-39A

I have viewed and photographed launches of Space Shuttles from each of the pinpoints listed on the map below. Most recently I was atop the Vehicle Assembly Building photographing (below) the SpaceX CRS-10 launch and booster landing at Landing Zone 1. I was shooting for Space News 360 with a Nikon D7000 and a Tamron 150-600 lens. Left Image: 1/640 F/6.3 460 MM ISO 25 Right Image: 1/640 F/6.3 600 MM ISO 250 Hazy conditions

Media credentials are required for access inside Kennedy Space Center (LC-39A and 39B) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (SLC-37B, 40 and 41). The map you are about to see is from vantage points that are open to the public. At the present time, the National Park Service is TBD on access to the Canaveral National Seashore, including Playalinda Beach for LC-39A launches. So, there is no pinpoint. The distance is 2.72 miles. (Playalinda is the best viewing for AtlasV launches at SLC-41 during park hours) Playalinda will reopen approximately 1 hour after a successful launch or delay.

SpaceX LC39-A Launch and Landing Map2


Map Created by Scott Murray

These are the best viewing areas around the launch center. For the closest view and best photo spot, I recommend the crest at Max Brewer causeway that leads from Titusville to the Canaveral National Seashore. Below is Space Shuttle Endeavor launching from LC-39A. The causeway had recently been completed. There are many, second best, viewing areas in Titusville along US 1, get there early because launch viewing is extremely popular. Arriving early is recommended for all viewing locations.

Please take into consideration the sun will be rising at 6:45 am at 74.5 degrees (From Titusville) on 4/30. Max Brewer Causeway will provide some interesting captures. From the south viewing areas, I’d recommend Hwy 401 at the bleachers located near Space Florida’s office and SpaceX Launch and Landing Control building. Weather always plays into launch viewing. You can keep updated at the Air Force 45th Space Wing, 45th Weather Squadron.


Feel free to email me at and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @restrantek.  And follow Space News 360 for up to date launch information, photos, video, and 360 videos. Twitter and Instagram @spacenews360.

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