Periscope: What You Need To Know

Periscope is the new live video app that can be operated by a novice to an experienced videographer. A social platform as well as a business platform for marketing activities to promote your brand. As with Twitter, Instagram and more you will have a broad-based audience you will manage down to an appropriate target group.


The ‘Map’ page allows you to view the globe and the number of broadcasters in each area, dialed down to the city if you wish.  The ‘List’ tab displays more detail of the broadcaster and the topic. Check out other broadcasts, they are a great learning experience….entertaining at times too!

A few of the groups (listed below), I’m using this phrase lightly, are not well defined as there is much trial going on.

  1. Students: Broadcasting from their classrooms and searching for contacts all over the world. The US has a large contingent as well as countries like Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia and South American.
  2. Small Business Operators: Displaying their facilities and products. Broadcasting their Grand Openings and their promotional events.
  3. Physical Fitness: Yoga professionals, runners and weight training.
  4. Politicians: Looking for an added venue to capture donations and votes.
  5. Family Activities: Broadcasting their weekend out, trips to restaurants, cruises and general activities…walking the dog, children’s sporting events and competitions.
  6. Sports and Music: These two make up a significant portion of broadcasts across the globe.
  7. Media Outlets: They broadcast a show or segment upcoming or live. As you can dial into a broadcast in a DMA to learn about your travel destination.
  8. Catching a Live Event: Accident, Disaster, Weather, the list is long.
  9. Self Promotion: Models, entertainers, musicians, etc.
  10. Education: Language proficiency and learning cultures.
  11. Actually, the list is limitless!!!

So far I haven’t seen the sordid adult related broadcasts, only a matter of time for that industry to jump in. The broadcasts record for an indefinite time however, they are listed for 24 hours then are removed from the queue. The video can be saved to your mobile device. Beware, video takes up chunks of memory.

When you set up a Broadcast, be sure to have a target minded headline, utilizing “hashtags” as you do with Twitter and Instagram. Keep the ‘Headline’ limited to two lines. Headline grabbers are best, get to the subject quickly. ‘Exclusive’ is a solid opening lead in.

Shoot it in Portrait mode not Landscape and use a tripod or other stable device, a shaky broadcast is quickly logged off!

PLEASE NOTE: Periscope does not replace a great PowerPoint Presentation!!!

Now go out there and broadcast to the world! Answer questions as they are asked and explain what you are doing and what they see. Be sure to Share your broadcast.

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